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New! June 16, 2005 - New AvalonBay drainage ponds (click image to enlarge)
The level of water in the pond is the level of the groundwater. According to state guidelines, the bottom of the pond should be two feet above high groundwater. But the new townhouse foundations do not appear to be two feet above high groundwater, calling into question the drainage plan.

June 16, 2005 - Letter to the Editor "AvalonBay's Sign is Too Large"

June 14, 2005 - AvalonBay is for the Birds

The Pulizzer family's entry in the Bedford Council for the Arts Fair.

March 17, 2005: CFSB present to the Board of Health!
Here are three important documents presented:

Stormwater, BMPs and Vectors: The Impact of New BMP Construction on Local Public Health Agencies. (PDF)
By Susanne Kluh, Marco E. Metzger, Dean F. Messer, Jack E. Hazelrigg, and Minoo B. Madon

Stormwater Management and Vector Breading Habitats: The Public Health Problem & Methods to Address This Issue. (PDF)
By: The CDC National Center for Environmental Health, Division of Emergency and Environmental Health Services

Testimony of Roger Nasci, PhD, Research Entomogist, CDC's National Center for Infectious Diseases. (PDF) Before the Subcommittee on Water Resources and the Environment, Committee on Transportation and Infrastructre United States House of Representatives, October 10, 2002.
Published By: CDC's Public Health Approach to Control of Disease-Carrying Mosquitos.

August 5, 2004: Dr. Edmond's Paper, Applications of Geographic Information Technology in Determining Risk of EEE Virus Transmission (PDF)

July 27th, 2004: Public information meeting about the AvalonBay appeal. Bedford Public Library, 7:30 PM. Please join us to get the latest update on the fight!

May 24, 2004: Write to Your Representatives!
Please make additional copies and mail, or fax, the enclosed letter (pdf), or write your own, to:

Governor Mitt Romney, State House, Room 360, Boston, MA 02133; Fax 617-727-9725
Public Health Commissioner Christine Ferguson, 250 Washington St, Boston, MA 02108;
Fax 617-624-6001
Representative Charlie Murphy, State House, Room 156, Boston, MA 02133; Fax 617-722-2774
Senator Susan Fargo, State House, Room 504, Boston, MA 02133;
and any other public official you deem important.

May 12, 2004: Letter to the Editor, "Who sold a flag to AvalonBay?"
After nearly three years of expensive and exhausting litigation, is there still someone who is not aware of the serious public health and traffic problems AvalonBay has planned for Bedford? (complete article on Bedford Online)

August 22, 2002: MOSQUITO RISK CITED IN SUIT ON HOUSING PLAN Check out the Boston Globe Northwest section on Thursday for an article featuring Citizens for a Safe Bedford's fight against Avalon at Great Meadows.
Author(s): Christine McConville, Globe Staff Correspondent

Three years ago, when Ann Kiessling-Cooper began questioning the wisdom of building apartments next to a swamp, she also wondered why the town board considering the project didn't consult a mosquito expert.

After all, at the same time the developer, Avalon Bay Communities, was planning to put 139 apartments next to a white cedar swamp, a breeding ground for mosquitoes, the West Nile virus, a potentially deadly virus transmitted by mosquitoes, was creeping into the American...
Click for complete article (1145 words)

Click Here to read about Billerica residents fighting another 40B project in todays Boston Globe.

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